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Friday, January 24, 2014

3 Most Spectacular Celebrity Yachts

3 Most Spectacular Celebrity Yachts 

We regular folk love being out on our boats, feeling the wind whipping back our hair and tasting the salt on the breeze, and the rich and famous are no different. In fact, celebrities have taken the yacht worship appreciated at to a whole new level with their incredible boat purchases, upon which they have often spent more money than the average American makes in years. It’s hard to begrudge them these grand luxuries, though, when – admit it – we’d all do the same if we had the cash. Here are three of the most spectacular examples of celebrity yacht obsession. 
Oceanis 45
Roman Abramovich’s $1.5 billion Eclipse 

Owner of the Eclipse, Mr. Abramovich is a Russian-born billionaire whose Eclipse is 563 feet long (that’s over five football fields), and it features two pools, a discotheque, bulletproof windows and armor plating and 24 guest rooms, so that all of his friends can party down in style and security. 
MC 76
Richard Branson’s $8.8 million Necker Belle 

Richard Branson, who is one of the most famous – and famously wealthy – entrepreneurs in the world, acquired his Necker Belle for nearly $9 million, turning it from the Lady Barbaretta to the sleek catamaran that she is today. There are four state rooms, and the boat can reach speeds in excess of 23 mph, a rarity. 
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Unknown Businessman’s $4.8 billion History Supreme

 He’s rich, but thanks to his anonymity, the owner of the History Supreme – the most expensive yacht currently in existence – isn’t exactly famous. Rumors persist as to the owner’s identity, but what’s more pressing is the fact that over 220,000 lbs of gold went into creating this work of seafaring art (with even more precious metals, like platinum, as well as dinosaur bones decorating the boat). 
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The fabulous wealth displayed by these yachts might be a little hard to digest, but if you like to dream, well, these three luxury boats will keep you fantasizing for years.

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