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Friday, September 20, 2013

Car Model Comparison App

The latest car research can be done right from your smart phone or tablet. You shouldn't ever go to the dealership without a little information in advance. You can find out the best prices, check out new inventory, look at standard features, find better loan rates and even compare the latest vehicles. One of the coolest new tools is a car model comparison app,   which actually shows how much a car can cost an individual over time because of higher interest rates, high depreciation values, more repairs and low fuel efficiency.
Toyota Rav4 Cost of Ownership
Some other really interesting car research apps include USAA's Auto Circle app. This app actually won the Forrester Research Groundswell Award for mobile apps. Auto Circle allows you to find a vehicle, research finance options and even get quotes on auto insurance. This is definitely an all-in-one tool that car buyers can use for getting through all steps of the vehicle purchasing process quickly.

Edmunds has always been a go-to source for car research. The app is really awesome for Android and iPhone users. It's completely free and offers a lot of tools to those shopping for a new car such as swiping through year, model, features, make and prices.

Bankrate also has a cool auto loan calculator to help figure out interest rates, monthly finance rates and total price for a new car. When you're negotiating the terms of your auto financing, this is definitely the best app.

If you're searching for new and used cars, has the most popular car search app. It's actually rated number one and is free for Android and iPhone. 

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