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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Singing Kareaoke

My kids had so much fun with their friend Izzy.  They  did a karaoke day  few days before  Izzy left.  They had  a great time singing and dancing.  My son wishes that he has set of drums to beat  while the two girls were singing.  I can almost picture my son playing a guitar or  jamming in a set of drums with hard case for drum hardware at musician's friend.  Oh I can't wait till he really  get into music.  I know that he has it but he has so many things in mind that he really don't want to concentrate his attention on music.  Below are some photos I took  of them when they were having  Kareoke.  They're a little blurry as I used my camera in taking  their photos while they are on the move dancing hehehe.

4 travelers' comments:

April M. said...

oh karaoke is fun! great way to have fun with friends.

April M. said...

My kids and I along with daddy loves karaoke too.:)

Peachy said...

Looks like they had a nice time with their friend...

MzBaker said...

LOL Karaoke was my fav as a kid. I can't sing though lol I have had moments I thought I could haha :)

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