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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pandora Charms

I was looking at the selection of  pandora charms and other jewelry at Reeds  tonight and it reminds me of some memorabilia that my FIl has given me over the years.  I am very appreciative that  he would give me  things like the ruby ring that my late MIL had.  I was  honored when he gave it to me   and the fact that  according to my husband, he was the one who gave it to his mom, was a big plus for me.  I did not however expect that there would be a downside to that.  It bothers me but   the fact that I did not ask for it, I think I did not  do anything wrong.    But anyhow, the Pandora Fascinating Pink Murano Glass Charm is my  very favorite at the site's selection.  

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Dana Caffrey said...

Pandora charms are one of the best pieces you coudl give to a dear friend, or family member. You can never go wrong with Pandora jewelries.

Gree Anybuy said...

pandora jewelry is quite beautiful especially the wholesale pandora beads.

Gree Anybuy said...

I often buy some pandora beads and pandora charms from pandora jewelry online site to make pandora bracelets on my own. They are quite awesome! I like the picture too!!!!

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