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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Future Home Improvement Projects

All the home improvements that we have planned for this year was put on hold because  we really did not have the budget for it.  We are still paying for the loan that we had when we  had our new porch built last year.  Having said that,  the projects that we  have on the list  will be rolled over for next year.  Let's see if we could accomplish it.  I hope that when my husband gets done with school, he could find a good job so we could start saving  again. It is hard  to live  with just the pension and the allowance that he gets in going to school.  We want to do some home improvement but we can't because of financial  constraint.  I am hopeful thought that we could get all these done as soon as we get back to normal where  hubby is working again while I do my online  gigs as well.  Hubby really wants to put a  sun porch at the back  so we are looking at the  designs and available  resources at for some ideas and  price quotes as well for our future project.  To visit the website, just click the link provided in this post  to ind out more details.  

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