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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flavored BLU

As much as I could, I stay away from crowd that smokes.  It  triggers my migraine and it's an agony because I easily suffocates on the cigarette smoke.  I am appreciative to those people who  redefines their smoking  habit by using an alternative to  smoking the  traditional  cigarette.  There are electronic cigarette nowadays  like  BLU where you can still   get the satisfaction of smoking but  you won't affect those people who surrounds you.  

BLU offers different flavors with their e-cig kits.  You can get cherry rush, classic tobacco, java jolt, magnificent menthol, vivid vanilla,  peach schnapps, and piƱa colada.  With e-cig, you can still get the satisfaction with  smoking the real thing but less effect on your health because it has no tobacco smoke, no ash, and no smell.  So are you ready to redefine your  smoking habit?  Check out BLU.

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