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Friday, March 16, 2012

Cosmetic Treatments

Living in a foreign place can be very  stressful especially  for a woman like me who  isn't that great in  blending in with crowds.  I am kind of reserve and a home buddy type.  I have so many  worries especially raising my kids because I have questions, doubts, and reservations about my capacity to raise them well.  What if I won't be able to do all my responsibilities.  Sometimes I feel bad that my kids can't do the things they want to do because my skills in doing it with them is very limited.  Praying to God to guide me is the thing  I mostly do.  With these bundle of worries, I  see how it affects my  physical attributes.  I am a woman that  like to just just look naturally so I don't really use  any cosmetics.  I am not that type of woman who would  go for  anti wrinkle injections  to make their looks better and beautiful.  But I don't hold that against them as they  are entitled to whatever they want and that everyone is  free to do   what they think is best.  What good about  these days is the unlimited options that women can do to  improve their physical looks.  

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