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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Bed Specialist

I am literally feeling like I am floating right now.  I did not go to bed until 2 am but  did not fall asleep till like  3 o'clock.  I actually decided to go to bed early (which is out of my league lol) because I was so congested but   in the middle of the night, we heard  our daughter crying.  When hubby checked what's wrong, she  threw up all over her bed, oh boy.  When I thought, I was scoring a long night sleep  that's when unexpected things  like this happen.  I think that it is   the last  bout of her stomach flu because my son  went through the same then he got better.  Anyhow, she was feeling much better this morning so she went to school.  

On a lighter note,  let me talk about our summer  project plan for home i, movement .  Hubby is determine to turn the dining room area into another bedroom so the kids will have their own separate bedroom.  If our project is pushed through, we will need to buy a new   bedroom set for our son because right now we only have two  beds and  a bunk bed.  We still have to allocate fund s for our project but hopefully we could make this  happen this year.

I was looking at the selection of different kinds of beds online and love the modern selection of beds from  The bed that we will be buying next is for me and hubby.  The existing one that we have  will be used by our daughter and  the bedroom set that my husband has inherited from his Aunt  will be  used by our son.  I told my husband that a modern bed will be a great choice for  the two of us.  So  our purchase will depend upon the price range of the bed and of course the quality.  

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