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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sweet Gestures

Yesterday was a "not-so-good" day for me. I had such a bad migraine the whole day that I neglected to read the kids their afternoon Bible season with me. But despite my nasty migraine, I did some laundry and wrote some tasks online but wasn't able to bloghop and do my usual posting for Wednesday's meme.

Then last night, both hubby and I couldn't sleep for some reason. We both kept tossin 'n turnin and I think we wee able to fall asleep by 4 am but by then I was so tired that I had a nightmare that made me scream wahhh. It's trash day today so we both woke up early so I could take the dogs out while he put the trash out. Now he went back to bed but I decided to write my entry for Couple's Corner. After this, I'll go back to bed myself lol.

Okay sorry folks if my mind is wandering somewhere and not focusing on the topic which is the Sweet Gesture. Between the two of us, John is the most expressive one. Nagmamanhid manhiran ako minsan hahaha.

He always thinks of us, what we want and what can make us happy. Here are some instances;
  • When driving, he always puts his right arm in front of me on sudden halt of the car, I always think that its so sweet and caring.
  • He cooks for us when he sees that I am not in the mood to cook or if nakasimangot ako lol (Pls check the link of his new dish for us, matutuwa yun hehehe).
  • When he goes to the store, he always look for whatever can make us smile. Like the other day, he went to the store and saw some mangoes that resembles our mango in the Philippines and he bought us some even the price is a little higher for me but the though is so sweet (not the mango though lol)
  • He always massages my head when my migrain attacks (the photos below was taken by our aspiring photographer hehehe)

Ako minsan lang ako maging sweet lol. Di kasi ako showy kay hubster kaya pero paminsan minsan super sweet din lol. Hala sige mga kabayan, gising na ang aking bunso, I won't be able to go back to bed now hahaha. Gotta cook some breakfast na lang before the hubs goes to school. Thanks for commenting and for visiting!

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Essence of Family

What is the true essence of family for you? Do you just call a family because you belong to the clan? A family for me is my LIFE, the reason I exist, and the reason I am able to conquer all the obstacles that comes my way. How about you?

I often heard this in the Philippines when I was growing up "The family that prays together, stays together." I remember when I was growing up, my paternal grandparents used to wake us up in the dawn so we could say a prayer and I couldn't understand that as a kid because you know when you're young, all you want to do is sleep especially early in the morning lol.

My version to the above mentioned saying is "The family that walk and play together, stays together", what do you think? Anyhow, these photos were taken when we had our walk during the last few weeks of snow season.
We love taking a walk at my FIL's neighborhood.
Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

Wiggly Kitchen Faucet

When we bought our home four years ago, we pretty much replace most of the appliances in the kitchen including the microwave and the dishwasher. We also replaced the kitchen faucet before we moved in. I don't know what happen though because when we came back from Korea, it is kinda wiggly and leaking already so my husband is planning to get a new kitchen faucet in order to eliminate the leakage problem.

I told hubby to have a plumber look at the plumbing area when replacing the faucet because it is leaking under the sink too. I hate looking down there when its messy, good thing the kids passed the stage where they want to get into everything.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Things We Sacrifice

My husband and I have been through a lot before we finally got together. I spent almost 2 years in the Philippines, away from him, while I was still processing my papers to come to the States. During those times, the love that we have for each other was our only weapon to battle the loneliness. We were married but we were living separate lives, I was in the Philippines and he was in Guam.
But I was thankful that technology was able to bridged the distance that we had. We chatted and talked on the phone everyday. He was paying a ton in telephone bills then but I guess it was the sacrifice that we had to pay in order for us to feel close to each other and bridge the distance.  In a relationship, there are certain things that you have to sacrifice. It is all a part of the vows that a married couple takes "For better or for Worse" when they are wed. Sacrifice is the theme for Couple's Corner this week. I am also sharing this post to..
Have a good night everyone.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Summer Time Fun

This summer, there are a lot of activities that we can engage our kids into. We can encourage them to help us with gardening. Picture taken when we were still in Korea. Both of them wanted to do the watering of the plants. Digging the ground is one of their favorites to do in gardening.

This was our very first hiking trip. We literally hiked but we didn't finish the whole journey because we have two kids with us. Rylie was so good, she walked all the way to where we stopped and back.

This was taken when we went to Mt. Seorak in 2009.

Rylie and the other kids playing soccer inside the navy base in Chinhae. Introducing your kids to sports is a great way to enhance their sportsmanship and its also a fun experience for us parents.

This was taken in Splish 'n Splash in Osan inside the Air Force base during our first summer getaway in South Korea (2008).

Tip: Inflatable pool is affordable and its good to have at home because if you can't go to a real swimming pool, at least the kids can swim and enjoy the water.

This was taken when we went for a 4-day island hopping in Jeju, South Korea.

How about you guys, what do you do during summer time?

Spice Up Your Life

I finally decided to transfer my other blog at bravejournal here at blogger. I am using the same title of the blog but the url is different. If you guys have a spare time, please drop by at my new Spice Up Your Life blog and please leave your url if you want to be included in the blogroll. Thank you so much for your constant visits!
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Exercise Equipment

I woke up early today because of my doctor and dental appointments. We were eating breakfast when hubby mentioned about his plan of going back to his normal workout routine. He hasn't been using any of the exercise equipment we have at the basement lately and I guess it is bothering him. The good thing about having it down there is that we can use it anytime we want to, the bad thing is that many times we neglect to do so hahaha. But anyhow, tomorrow will be my schedule so if anyone would like to work out with me, you are free to join me.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blissful Bond with Kids

This is the second part of our St. Patrick adventure which I posted last weekend (you can find the first part when you scroll down). Margaret Manson Weir Memorial Pool was one of the beautiful part of my husband's childhood. He said that he used to come up here and swim when he was a kid. When the Steel Mill died down though, they were forced to closed this pool as it cost a lot for its maintenance compared to what it makes.
We love to come up here during summer because the playground is big and the surrounding is very relaxing.
I won't get tired of documenting the milestones of my kids because sooner or later they will have their own lives and hubby and I will go back to where we started, just the two of us. We want to enjoy every moment with them now that they want to be with us because you know, kids grow up so fast.
I am so blessed with a loving husband because he is also a loving Dad to our kids. He is always there to play with them and willing to help them try new things.
Adjacent to the playground is a tennis court where me and the kids went for a brief run.

Thanks for dropping by and for leaving your trail folks!

Building a Fence

My husband and I are discussing about the tax return a while ago. I told him before that it would be better if we pay all of it to the bathroom reno loan so that the balance won't be that much anymore. However, he is considering to use half of the amount for us to build the fence around the backyard since summer time is fast approaching and it would be great to have it by then. I agreed to what he intend to do that way the dogs can play outside without us worrying of them getting out and running away.

My husband will be needing some tools because he will do the building of the fence by himself. He might need powder actuated tools and some other tools for him to use. He said that he would rent a hole digger for the posts and the rest can just be done with the tools available in his garage. His brother promised that he would help my husband in building it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

St. Patrick Moments

We spent our St. Patrick Day at Mary H. Weir Public Swimming Pool Playground. The pools is permanently closed but they maintain it as a historical structure. MY husband said that as a kid, he always came here to swim during summer time. Too bad, its not operating anymore. I'll show you the photo of the pool on the next post.

I am glad that it's getting warmer now, the kids can finally run around outside and have fun.

Look how joyous EJ's face is.
The playground is very big with lots of slides, swing, and toys to ride with.

The extra bonus is that it is adjacent to the woods so if there are wild critters, you would be able to see them. We didn't see any though.

Oh the joy of being a kid. I oftentimes feel that way when I am with my burritos.

Tune in for the second batch of our St. Patrick adventures guys. Thanks a lot for commenting and visits. Have a blessed Sunday everyone.


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