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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Wonder of 3D at Home

The old TV that we used to watch our shows when we were in Korea was an old flat tube screen which is very heavy. We put it at the basement when we came back here in the mainland and bought an LCD one. There's a huge difference when viewing or watching your favorite shows. My husband is aiming for the Samsung HDTV that he recently seen at because the prices are incredibly low compared to the one that we bought a couple of months ago. Electronic products are getting better and better as time passes by. Manufacturer never cease to improve their production.

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By MelCole of PA said...

Ah, so they got built in 3-D pala. That's super nice to get a TV like that. Just saw one like that in our local public library, very nice, but hubby is not into TV's. Me watch T.V. with my FIL in their house. Their house is just nearby.

Clarissa said...

HDTV din ang sa amin,Ate Rose.It's a WOOO of Hitachi. We don't have plan of buying 3d's--medyo mahal pa.

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