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Friday, February 19, 2010

Excited for Spring

I am so glad that we have a sunny day, some of the ice formed at the side of our house are starting to melt down. We are having a problem already about this heavy snow, the ice have clogged our gutters that the it is leaking in one of our windows already. My husband and I are worried about it as the water drifted down the window, it is also soaking down through our carpet. Oh boy!

I can't wait for the Spring to start. I am also excited about since we haven't have a chance to visit my sister-in-law's house since we came back. They have a newly built swimming pool at their backyard and a spring party in a pool would be great after this heavy snow storm. I am not sure if they have above ground pool or a traditional one like the one that my brother-in-law has.

But anyhow, above ground pools are great option if you want to have it in your backyard. I think, its great if you have kids because during summer, they would have so much fun with it. is having their sale for above ground pools until the end of this month so if you want to avail with their great offers, you should check out their site.

That would be a good investment out from your tax refunds doesn't it guys?

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joei said...

finally, sunshine! :)


Mel Alarilla said...

Yes, spring would be a welcome respite from the extreme cold weather being experienced in most states in the United States. That's the start of so many exciting spring activities. You will have an exciting swimming experience for your whole family in your SIL's swimming pool. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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